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International Symposium on Synthetic Two-Dimensional Polymers

Next meeting in Nara, Japan
June 2-4, 2016

Open Positions

Open Positions are usually not announced, but we invite applicants to contact Daniela Zehnder.


The research interest of the Polymer Chemistry Group is mainly within the field of synthetic chemistry, directed primarily towards the creation of structurally novel linear polymers, highly branched dendronized polymers and sheet-like polymers.

Besides methodological developments fundamental questions are also being addressed. They include how to tune the cross-sectional thickness of polymer chains and how to perform a genuine two-dimensional polymerization.

Our research is driven by the novelty of the molecular structures aimed at and by the demand to push the frontiers of polymer synthesis.

Although applications are always of relevance in defining the research goal, basic research questions in the field are of equal interest and importance.

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