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Representative research projects

Developing the single crystal approach to carbon based 2D polymers including synthetic, structural, and exfoliation aspects (in collaboration with Profs. Ben T. King and Andreas Stemmer)

Unravelling the growth mechanism in topochemical 2D polymerizations in the single crystal by analysis of diffuse X-ray scattering (in collaboration with Dr. Thomas Weber)

Exploring the viscoelastic behavior of dendronized polymers and attempting to separate it into intrinsic contributions and those emanating from specific intermolecular interactions (in collaboration with Prof. Dimitris Vlassopoulos)

Pushing the limits of polymer synthesis to the size range of colloidal particles and biological functional entities such as viruses and, thus, providing access to molecular objects whose molar masses can exceed 200 MDa yet exhibiting a molecularly defined structure

Developing ‘molecular paper’ by reversible laser writing into photosensitive monolayers capable of undergoing two-dimensional polymerization

Pushing Suzuki polycondensation to the point that strong polyarylene fibers with favorable mechanical properties are accessible

Exploring whether the extreme level of branching encountered in high generation dendronized polymers results in high densities (in collaboration with Prof. Avraham Halperin)

Applying the concept of two-dimensional polymerization to the air/water interface aiming at creating conjugated and non-conjugated, reversible and non-reversible 2D polymers and related sheets in macroscopic dimensions (in collaboration with Profs. Ben T. King and Wei Zhang)

Creating an IR light source on a chip and exploring other applications of 2D polymers (in collaboration with Profs. Klaus Ensslin, Manfred Fiebig, Johan Hofkens, Jürg Leuthold)

Deciphering the difference between 1D and 2D polymers (with Prof. Hans Christian Öttinger)

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