Dendronized polymers

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MD simulations of dendronized polymers  

MD simulation by Prof. C. Alemán and Dr. O. Bertran, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona

MD simulations of dendronized polymers of generations 1-6 (PG1-PG6) in vacuum suggesting that higher generation representatives qualify as molecular objects.

Dendronized polymers are linear polymers which carry a dendron of generation up to 8 at every repeat unit. This research field concentrates on how to make such macromolecules available and how to prove the level of structure perfection achieved.

The main questions currently being investigated are:

  • Rheological behavior depending on generation, main chain length and chemical structure (collaboration with the group of Prof. D. Vlassopoulos, Crete)
  • Solvent swellability and guest up-take
  • Density determination, bulk characterization, and cryo-TEM analysis (collaboration with Prof. A. Halperin, Grenoble)
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